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Hyperventilating, which starts out undetectable, depletes your CO and upsets the required balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body.

Most people become frightened, sweaty, and dizzy. Their hearts start pounding & they have trouble breathing - which leads to anxiety or panic attacks. This then alters the pH in your body "and now" you're in trouble.

Our innovative Breathe 5 device increases the amount of CO2 back into your lungs, returning you to normal, happy & calm. You can also use Breathe 5 at bedtime to get a good night's sleep.

About Us

Out with the old...

The paper bag, a symbol of hyperventilating & anxiety. Even though a primitive medical method, its been time tested and proven to work, for over 100 years. It did help with anxiety & panic attacks, that’s why it’s behind every seat on all passenger jets. Everyone knows using a bag increases your CO2, reliving your symptoms. We simply took away the bad things with a paper bag, and made it safe & easy for you to use with the new patented breathe 5 device. Voted the # 1 best, safest & fastest relief of anxiety, panic attacks & migraine headaches.

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The Paper Bag

  • Terrible smell- increases anxiety
  • Loud noise when breathing in bag
  • Very rough on face
  • Warning no way to control CO2 level
  • Ends up at the dump
  • Takes two hands to use
  • Not reusable
  • Looks depressing, embarrassing to use
  • Bad residue taste in mouth
  • Dangerous amount of concentrated CO2

Breathe 5 Device

  • No baggy smell at all
  • Zero noise
  • Smooth mouthpiece
  • Regulates amount of CO2 & oxygen
  • Eco-friendly, reusable
  • Hands free
  • Washable & reusable
  • Calming with focal point logo
  • No taste
  • Patented dual port regulator
Breathe 5 charts and data

Voted #1 Best & Fastest Relief Than Any Other Device Used by Our Customers.

Made from Non-Toxic, Medical-Grade Materials. BPA, PVC and DEHP-Free.

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How To Use Breathe 5

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Seth S.
Works better than meds!

I had the Breathe 5 for a couple weeks now, and it just hands down works. I use it for migraines that I get chronically, and since using daily I have not had to take any of my meds.

A. A.
Great product

This product has helped me much! Migraines are nonexistent now that I have the Breathe5. I will recommend one to everyone I know!

Charlie B.
Works Well

My wife gets really bad migraine headaches. She tried the Breathe5 product and she said it worked. She felt her headache coming on so she followed the instructions and tried the product. She said it works, it helped take away her headache.


Love this product. Definitely helps a lot for my panic attacks. Will be purchasing more soon.


The breath 5 helped my anxiety more than I ever would of thought possible. I’m very happy with my purchase.